What is your return policy?

-Mr Memento has a 10 day return policy.  The item may be returned for a refund if it is returned in the same condition it was originally mailed.  

I would like to make a return, am I responsible for shipping?

-Yes, the buyer is responsible for return shipping

I live outside the United States, can I purchase an item?

-Unfortunately not on Shopify.  Items will be available on Ebay for International shipping.

Is anything wrong with the photo?

-Some photos may have ink on the back of them, but it can not be seen while looking at the front of the photo.  Some photos are pixelated, and some may have a small ding or crease. We will mention anything we notice in the description and show photos, but we may not see everything.  PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS BEFORE BUYING.  

What is a COA?

-A COA is a certificate of authenticity.  A 3rd party was not present when the item was signed, but has given their expert opinion that the autograph is authentic.

The autograph doesn't look like other examples, is it real?

-Most autographs offered are not obtained from sit down signings.  The person could be walking, getting elbowed, in a hurry, intoxicated, etc... Not one person has the exact same signature consistently

How many authentication companies are there?

-There are a large number of authentication companies currently operating.  The 4 companies that are used on the website are the most reputable.  Just because an item has a sticker or certificate does not make the item authentic.

What about Steiner, Fanatics, MLB, or Upper Deck Authenticated?

-Items may be offered from one of these companies as well.  These companies had employees present during the autograph signing.

Where is the company located?

-Mr Memento is located in Henderson, NV (a Las Vegas suburb)